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Chicken Breed: Rhode Island Red and White

May 16, 2012

A Rhode Island red hen

Rhode Island Reds and Whites are very common in the United States. They are not a foundation breed, but are popular for their hardy temperaments and excellent brown eggs. They were, in fact, developed in the state of Rhode Island, however the Reds and Whites are actually from completely different stock. Both have red single combs and yellow skin.

The Rhode Island breeds are considered the most popular of American Egg-layers and make terrific starter chickens because of their low-maintenance behavior and affectionate demeanor. The Rhode Island Reds are usually a deep red or rust color with darker tail feathers. Rhode Island Whites, however have solely white feathers.

These breeds are approximately the same size and both make decent meat chickens. Rhode Island Red and White roosters can weigh up to 8.5 lbs. and hens can weigh up to 6.5 lbs.